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Freshwater fishes are highly vulnerable to human-caused climate change, resulting in rapid changes in status. Because quantitative data on status and trends are unavailable for most fish species, a rapid assessment approach that incorporates expert knowledge is needed to assess current status and future vulnerability. In this study, we present a method that allows systematic evaluation of potential climate change effects on freshwater fishes, using California as an example. The method uses expert knowledge of the authors, supported by literature reviews of status and biology of the fishes, to score ten metrics for both (1) current status of each species (baseline vulnerability to extinction) and (2) likely future...
Distribution (present and historical) maps for all 133 native freshwater fish species in California. Maps include observation made during field surveys by various state and federal agencies. The data are compiled from multiple sources and experts and is stored and exported as rangemaps and summary maps. Sources include databases from CA Fish and Wildlife, NatureServe, CalTrout, and FERC relicensing.The data includes polygons describing these range types:Extant Range - Expert OpinionObservedHistoric Range - Expert OpinionTranslocated - Expert OpinionTranslocated - ObservedData is available as KMZ and SHP formats. To access spatial data for a species, search for it by name, click the “Spatial Data” tab, and then click...