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All plant species were identified down to finest taxa when possible. Each plant code used in the survey data is paired to a plant code on this species list which provides the full scientific name of each species, the plant family the species belongs to, the native or non-native status of species, and the life history of the plant. Plant nomenclature follows: Baldwin B.G., D.H. Goldman, D.J. Keil, R. Patterson, T.J. Rosatti, and D.H. Wilken, editors. 2012. The Jepson Manual: vascular plants of California. Second edition. University of California Press, Berkeley, USA.
Physical site characteristics including aspect, elevation, and slope were recorded for each study plot and spatial coordinates were obtained from a global positioning system. Stand height was determined by averaging the heights of the first live woody individual encountered along each 10 m subplot in mechanically masticated plots as well as in the adjacent controls. Unfortunately height data was not collected from postfire plots in the prior study. The age of the stand prior to each mechanical disturbance was obtained from stem samples collected from the first two obligate seeding individuals encountered within controls and ranged from seven to sixty-four years across all mechanically masticated fuel treatments....
The sampling design at each of the 149 mechanically masticated fuel treatment study sites consisted of a 10 x 100 m plot established within the treated area at the random point generated in ArcGIS and an adjacent 10 x 100 m control plot placed one meter inside the edge of untreated vegetation to avoid edge affects. Each study plot was further subdivided into 10 100-m2 subplots with a nested 1-m2 quadrat placed along the top edge of the measurement tape. Postfire study sites consisted of a 20 x 50 m plot that was equal in area to a fuel treatment study plot and was also further subdivided into 10 100-m2 subplots with a nested 1-m2 quadrat placed along the outer top and bottom edges of the plot. Cover and density...

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