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Data were collected on seed production dynamics of long-lived plants, reproductive plant traits of those plant species, and weather variability for sites where those species live. Data include the coefficient of variation in seed production over time, the variation (coefficient of variation or standard deviation) in weather over years, and reproductive traits such as pollination mode and seed dispersal mechanism. Data series were distributed globally and encompass 920 data series containing 311 plant species. Data series are all 6 or more years in length.
This research examines the effects of climate change on the species composition of forests in the southern Great Lakes region in USA (Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio) by simultaneously addressing five key components necessary for realistic predictions of future forest composition. We simulated transient (1), species-level (2), forest response to climate change at a spatial scale that accounted for competitive effects (3), and regional site diversity (4), in the spatial configuration of forests within the regional landuse matrix (5). The JABOWA-II forest growth model was used to provide species-specific responses of 45 tree species to site conditions (e.g. climatic, edaphic) while accounting for competition for limited...