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Floodplains are presumed to be important rearing habitat for the endangered razorback sucker (Xyrauchen texanus). To help recover this endemic Colorado River Basin species, the Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program implemented a floodplain acquisition and enhancement program. Levee removal was initiated in 1996 as one component of this floodplain restoration program. The goal of the Levee Removal Study was to evaluate the system responses to levee removal and make specific recommendations concerning the value of floodplain/river reconnecting for endangered species (specifically razorback sucker) recovery.
Feature class data was designed to support the development of the Environmental Flows Information Toolkit (EFIT) a geospatial application initiated by Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD). The EFIT is a web-based tool built around conservation problem solving using innovative data and integrated statistical models. The objective of this application is to identify and prioritize opportunity areas for streamflow conservation within the Great Plains of Texas.

    map background search result map search result map The Environmental Flow Information Toolkit (EFIT) Hydrologic Dashboard Geodatabase The Environmental Flow Information Toolkit (EFIT) Hydrologic Dashboard Geodatabase