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map background search result map search result map DL1067 Tabanus posterior DL1129 Holorusia dorsal DL1131 Odontomyia-Hedriodiscus dor post DL1088 B4S2 Ablabesmyia antennal apex DL1096 B3S97 Cryptochironomus antenna DL1101 B1S15 Glyptotendipes Labrum DL1020 B3S93 Microtendipes Antenna DL1032 B3S69 Rheotanytarsus mandible DL1024 B2S25 Paraphaenocladius posterior DL1130 B8S17 Parorthocladius Mandible DL1031 B3S12 Rheocricotopus mandible DL1123 B2S30 Synorthocladius labrum