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map background search result map search result map DL1088 B4S2 Ablabesmyia head DL1104 B4S6 Labrundinia posterior1 DL1030 B8S22 Pseudodiamesa Mandible DL1030 B8S22 Pseudodiamesa Mentum DL1094 B1S52 Cladotanytarsus posterior2 DL1096 B3S97 Cryptochironomus vent plate DL1025 B1S56 Paratanytarsus mentum DL1121 B1S60 Stempellinella head ventral DL1024 B2S25 Paraphaenocladius labrum DL1024 B2S25 Paraphaenocladius mandible DL1123 B2S30 Synorthocladius mentum DL1035 B2S32 Thienemanniella posterior