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map background search result map search result map DL1003 Atherix pachypus dorsal DL1010 Chaoborus anal division DL1010 Chaoborus head lat DL1010 Chaoborus multiple DL1040 Dixa sp dor ant stk DL1040 Dixa sp dor post2 DL1042 Dolichopodidae lateral DL1046 Neoplasta sp lateral DL1046 Neoplasta sp ventral DL1056 Psychoda lat ant DL1061 Caloparyphus anterior spiracle DL1061 Caloparyphus vent ant DL1062 Euparyphus dor ant spiracle DL1065 Syrphidae ventral DL1128 Ceratopogon dor post DL1130 Dixella dor ant