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Recent research suggests that micronutrients such as Mn may limit growth of slow-growing biological soil crusts (BSCs) in some of the drylands of the world. These soil surface communities contribute strongly to arid ecosystem function and are easily degraded, creating a need for new restoration tools. The possibility that Mn fertilization could be used as a restoration tool for BSCs has not been tested previously. We used microcosms in a controlled greenhouse setting to investigate the hypothesis that Mn may limit photosynthesis and consequently growth in Collema tenax, a dominant N-fixing lichen found in BSCs worldwide. We found no evidence to support our hypothesis; furthermore, addition of other nutrients (primarily...
This dataset includes information collected from “ecological process monitoring stations” located across the western basin of Lake Erie (originating at the Maumee River and reaching as far east as the Bass Islands). Nine worksheets are included in this file, of which 1 is a meta-data sheet that describes the variable names and purpose of the other sheets. Included herein is the initial and final sizes of caged Lampsilis siliquoidea mussels placed at each of the afore-mentioned stations, along with the size and mass of dreissenid mussels that grew on Hester-Dendy samplers at the same locations and measurements of cyanobacterial abundance (as inferred from satellite imagery). In addition, measurements of lipids and...

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