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Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) maps are an integral component in oil-spill contingency planning and assessment. They serve as a source of information in the event of an oil spill incident. ESI maps are a product of the Hazardous Materials Response Division of the Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R;). ESI maps contain three types of information: shoreline habitats (classified according to their sensitivity to oiling), human-use resources, and sensitive biological resources.
1985 Gulf of Mexico Atlas abstract American oyster Crassostrea virginica Ostion americanoDescription Range: The American oyster, a bivalve mollusc of the family Ostreidae, is found in the western Atlantic from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the Yucatan Peninsula. In the Gulf, this species occurs throughout estuaries, shallow nearshore waters, and on reefs located near river mouths. Habitat: Large populations of this benthic invertebrate are found in the large estuarine bays and sounds of the Gulf (with most concentrations found within 10-meter depths). Sedentary in character, this invertebrate attaches in clusters to shell reefs, firm mud/shell bottoms and other hard substrates. Feeding and Behavior: The American oyster...
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