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NatureServe Andes Amazon endemic species data World database of Protectee areas
Tags: endemic, parks
Known observations and distribution of Pacific Lamprey for Oregon, Washington, and Idaho from the Columbia River Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office managed database on behalf of the PLCI. Observation data includes points for Lampetra species when information provided. Current as of December 2020. Older datasets can be found in the archived data folder. Files available for download: Service Definition file (if downloaded files need to be extracted to then open in desktop programs) Zipped ESRI File Geodatabase, Zipped Shapefiles Layer files for ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro Google Earth kmz files Metadata Online interactive map with these datasets are available: AGOL: DataBasin:
The goal of this project is to create critically needed coastal fog datasets. Anticipated products from the collaboration between on-the-ground natural resource managers and a multidisciplinary coalition of physical scientists are: 1) a compilation of existing fog related data from multiple sources: satellite (AVHRR, GOES, Modis, Landsat), NOAA buoy , and airport and meteorological stations, 2) USGS Open File report documenting the results of a multiday working session with climatologists, remote sensing specialists, fog modelers, statisticians, and natural resource managers, convened to review the data, examine and assess the correlations between data streams and models, specify initial parameters to be extracted...
Categories: Data, Project; Tags: evapotranspiration, 2011, California Landscape Conservation Cooperative, California coast, Coastal, All tags...
California’s native fishes are mostly endemic, with no place to go as climate change increases water temperatures and alters stream flows. Many of the alien fishes, however, are likely to benefit from the effects of climate change. The goal of this project is to synthesize life history traits, population trends, status, and threats, including climate change, for all fishes in the state. We have found that 25% of the endemic fishes are now in danger of extinction. Climate change in conjunction with alien species, agriculture, and dams pose the greatest threat to native fishes. Preliminary results from two regional analyses suggest that native fishes in the Sierra Nevada are slightly less (74%) vulnerable to climate...

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