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Question: Can a simple soil classification method, accessible to non-experts, be used to infer properties of the biological soil crust (BSC) communities such as species richness, evenness, and structure? Location: Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, an arid region of the Colorado Plateau, USA. Methods: Biological soil crusts are highly functional soil surface communities of mosses, lichens and cyanobacteria that are vulnerable to soil surface disturbances such as grazing. We sampled BSC communities at 114 relatively undisturbed sites. We developed an eight-tier BSC habitat classification based upon soil properties including texture, carbonate and gypsum content, and presence of shrinking-swelling clays....
Draft 2 of the summary report for ecological assessment of estuarine tidal marsh systems along the GCPO LCC Gulf Coast subgeography. This includes an assessment of landscape endpoints identified by the GCPO Adaptation Science Management Team in the draft GCPO LCC Integrated Science Agenda.The estuarine tidal marsh priority system in the Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks LCC (GCPO LCC) Integrated Science Agenda (ISA) includes general ecological systems of brackish/saltwater marsh and seagrass beds and was adopted as one of two initial ecological systems of focus for the Gulf Coast subgeography of the GCPO LCC (the other being beaches and dunes). The desired ecological state for Gulf Coast estuarine tidal marsh is a...
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    map background search result map search result map GCPO LCC Ecological Assessment of Gulf Coast Estuarine Tidal Marsh [DRAFT 2] GCPO LCC Ecological Assessment of Gulf Coast Estuarine Tidal Marsh [DRAFT 2]