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This data represents the location of marinas and other facilities where power and sail boats can dock in coastal British Columbia. Included in this data are all marinas, coastal fuelling locations for pleasure boats, public wharves and small craft harbours, yacht clubs, fishing lodges and coastal ecotourism lodges with docks.
Addressing energy poverty rather than energy equity conveniently evades the problem of the gap in energy consumption per capita in the developed and developing world. For energy security policies to adequately address energy poverty it requires a widening of scope from national to global. This is a comment to the forthcoming presentation of IEA's proposition for a new architecture for financing universal modern energy access to be presented at the conference ‘Energy for all—Financing access for the poor’ held in Oslo in October 2011.
This article reviews the storage of captured CO2 in coal seams. Other geologic formations, such as depleted petroleum reservoirs, deep saline aquifers and others have received considerable attention as sites for sequestering CO2. This review focuses on geologic sequestration of CO2 in unmineable coalbeds as the geologic host. Key issues for geologic sequestration include potential storage capacity, the storage integrity of the geologic host, and the chemical and physical processes initiated by the deep underground injection of CO2. The review topics include (i) the estimated CO2 storage capacity of coal, along with the estimated amount and composition of coalbed gas; (ii) an evaluation of the coal seam properties...

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