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Control technology for dreissenid mussels (Dreissena polymorpha and D. bugensis) currently relies heavily on chemical molluscicides that can be both costly and ecologically harmful. There is a need to develop more environmentally neutral control tools to manage dreissenid mussels, particularly in cooler water. Previously, carbon dioxide (CO2) showed selective toxicity for Zebra mussels, relative to unionids, when applied in cool water (12 °C). Carp-Carbon Dioxide (carbon dioxide, CO2) is registered as a pesticide by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for deterrence of Asian carp and to control aquatic nuisance species when applied under ice (USEPA 2019). The current registration would allow the use of...
In 2007, a phase shift from corals to corallimorpharians (CM) was documented at Palmyra Atoll, Line Islands, centered around a shipwreck. Subsequent surveys revealed CM to be overgrowing the reef benthos, including corals and coralline algae, potentially placing coral ecosystems in the atoll at risk. This prompted the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the lead management agency of the atoll, to remove the shipwreck. Subsequent surveys showed reversal of spread of CM around the ship impact site. We explain patterns of spread of the CM in terms of life history and local currents and show with a pilot study that pulverized bleach may be an effective tool to eradicate CM on a local scale. If applied strategically, particularly...
Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) are a non-native species to North America that were first introduced for vegetation control in the 1960s. However, wild-reproducing Grass Carp can negatively impact aquatic habitats and aquatic communities by consuming substantial amounts of aquatic vegetation and increasing turbidity. Numerous fisheries techniques have been used in an attempt to control or eradicate Grass Carp, including electrofishing. However, electrofishing efficiency for Grass Carp has been variable, and optimum electrofishing waveforms and parameters for inducing a capture-prone response have not been determined. The objective of this study was to determine the optimum electrofishing waveforms and parameters...
Alternatives to chemicals for controlling dreissenid mussels are desirable for environmental compatibility, but few alternatives exist. Previous studies have evaluated the use of electrified fields for stunning and/or killing planktonic life stages of dreissenid mussels, however, the available literature on the use of electrified fields to control adult dreissenid mussels is limited. We evaluated the effects of sinusoidal alternating current (AC) and square- wave pulse direct current (PDC) exposure on the survival of zebra mussels at water temperatures of 10, 15, and 22°C. Peak voltage gradients of ~ 17 and 30 Vp/cm in the AC and PDC exposures, respectively, were continuously applied for 24, 48, or 72 h. Peak power...
The 'Old Hat District Control Mine' file is part of the Grover Heinrichs mining collection. Grover was the Vice President of Heinrichs GEOEXploration, located in Tucson, Arizona. The collection contains over 1,400 folders including economic geology reports, maps, photos, correspondence, drill logs and other related materials. The focus of much of the information is on the western United States, particularly Arizona, but the collection also includes files on mining activity throughout the United States, foreign countries, and 82 mineral commodities.

map background search result map search result map Oracle Ridge Geological Sample Map Control Mines Geologic Map Control Mines, Daily-Geesman Area Geologic Cross Section Along Line GH Control Mines and Adjoining Mines Claim Map Control Mines Geology Section Control Mines, Daily-Geesman Area Geologic Cross Section Along Line AB Magnetometer Survey (Vertical Magnetic Intensity) for Control Mines, Old Hat Mining District Control Mines, Daily-Geesman Area Geologic Cross Section Along Line QR Control Mines, Daily-Geesman Area Geologic Cross Section Along Line MN Control Mines, Daily-Geesman Area Geologic Cross Section Along Line UV Control Mine Map Level 4 Control Mine Map Level 2 Control Mines Location Map Control Mines, Daily-Geesman Area Geologic Cross Section Along Line EF Control Mines, Daily-Geesman Area Geologic Cross Section Along Line OP Grover Heinrichs mining collection: Old Hat District Control Mine Corallimorph Invasion Palmyra: Data Corallimorph Invasion Palmyra: Data