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Wind power forecasting is becoming an important tool in electricity markets as the amount of wind power rapidly increases. However, the use of wind power forecasting in market operations and among market participants is still at an early stage. We discuss the current use of wind power forecasting in U.S. ISO/RTO markets, and give recommendations for how to make efficient use of the information in state-of-the-art wind power forecasts.
Developing an energy policy from a collection of programs is made more complicated because there is no single value that can be used as a best estimate of the contribution of a single policy, despite the ability to estimate the impact Of the complete suite. In this paper we illustrate the problem and use cooperative game theory to show one way to estimate individual effects of a policy goal in the context of collective estimates. Using an economic equilibrium model, we illustrate the behavior of four policies, namely, a gasoline tax, CAFE standards, a carbon tax, and drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, through their Shapley value contributions in measuring the impact of each in the context of a suite...