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This product consists of one tabular dataset and associated metadata of water quality information related to rivers, streams, and reservoirs in the Upper Mississippi River watershed between 2012 and 2016. This data release is a part of a national assessment of freshwater aquatic carbon fluxes. Data consist of organic and inorganic carbon related species, carbon dioxide and methane gas fluxes calculated from manual chamber measurements, nitrogen species, carbon isotopes, oxygen isotopes, cations, anions, trace metals, and various in situ measurements including: pH, water temperature, air temperature, barometric pressure, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, fluorescent dissolved organic matter, and specific conductance....
Categories: Data, Project; Types: Map Service, OGC WFS Layer, OGC WMS Layer, OGC WMS Service; Tags: Carbon, Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter (fDOM), Minnesota, Shingobee, Shingobee Headwaters Aquatic Ecosystems Project, All tags...
Our objective is to develop improved integration of data and models of soil and ecosystem processes at the regional scale in order to better quantify change in response disturbances, particularly drought. Specifically, we synthesize existing and generate new datasets of soil properties of soils form the Upper Colorado River Basin region of the Western US. Data types include geospatial databases and maps; soil physical, chemical, and biological datasets; soil hydrologic data; stream and river chemistry associated with regional mapping of soils; model input parameterizations and output data.

map background search result map search result map Water quality, quantity, and gas fluxes of the Upper Mississippi River basin (WY 2012-2016) Water quality, quantity, and gas fluxes of the Upper Mississippi River basin (WY 2012-2016)