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Amount of fish and shellfish caught using bottom trawling and dredging (1955-2004), by marine ecoregion. The map shows trawling and dredging fishing pressure by marine ecoregion between 1955 and 2004, using fish and shellfish catch data from the University of British Columbia (SAUP 2007). Our analysis of the catch data was limited to species caught by bottom trawl or dredge gear (Watson et al. 2006a). We calculated the annual total tonnage of catch for all species caught by these gears in each ecoregion. To account for recovery of benthic systems over time, we applied a decay factor of 2 percent for each year before 2004 to the total catch (implying a full recovery in fifty years). We then calculated the cumulative...

    map background search result map search result map Bottom Trawling and Dredging by Marine Ecoregion Bottom Trawling and Dredging by Marine Ecoregion