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Geophysical log collection from test holes and water wells in Mississippi. The collection spans from 1940-present and is an extensive representation of drilling and logging in Mississippi. This collection is for use in research and planning for communities, government, environmental professional, industry and academia.
WGNHS has approximately 240 cores donated to us by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The cores are from shallow holes drilled in the course of construction projects, mostly for bridges, culverts, and retaining walls. Photographs of the core are available through the WGNHS Data Viewer, and logs for approximately 70 of the cores are available on request.
The Mineral Development Atlas (MDA) was a joint project by the United State Geological Survey (USGS), the United States Bureau of Mines (USBM), and the state surveys of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa, and was launched in 1945 to gather information about mining and exploration in the lead-zinc district. The Atlas consists of section maps at 1:2400 scale showing exploration and mining activity in the lead-zinc district of the Upper Mississippi Valley. When the USGS offices in Platteville, WI closed, the Atlas was distributed to the states. The Wisconsin portion covers primarily Grant, Iowa, and Lafayette Counties, and WGNHS is currently working towards making the Wisconsin portion of the Atlas publicly available online....

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