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Soil compaction from human trampling, biking, and off-road motor vehicle traffic was quantitatively investigated in a blackbrush (Coleogyne ramosissima) shrubland in Kyle Canyon of the Spring Mountains in southern Nevada. A significant difference was detected in soil compaction, bulk density, and percent pore space at a particular frequency of visits in each of 4 disturbance types. On average a single vehicle pass was equivalent to 10 human footprints. Ten and 100 footprints were equivalent to 1 motorcycle pass and 10 vehicle passes, respectively. Soil compaction is a product of increased bulk density and decreased pore space. The degree of soil compaction is a function of disturbance type and visit frequency when...
UI Campus/Moscow Community Green Map to promote awareness of the University of Idaho Sustainability Initiative and to map out the 'green' activities of the University and the surrounding Moscow community. Green activities that have been mapped include parks and open space, community gardens, recycling locations, bus stops, bicycle paths, bicycle racks, and farmers' markets. It also include information about locations where ‘green’ practices have been implemented. The UI Campus/Moscow Community Green Map has helped the University of Idaho Sustainability Initiative publicize its activities, measure progress, and energize the community around its goals. It has also provided opportunities for the campus and surrounding...

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