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The project will modify approximately 24 total miles of existing woven-wire, 6-strand and 5-strand barbed wire fence to 3 or 4-wire fence built with wildlife specifications to facilitate big game movement on the Grizzly Wildlife Habitat Management Area (WHMA). The new fences will be built to standard Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) wildlife specifications for wire spacing including a smooth bottom wire positioned 16-18 inches above the ground, and a ratio of three steel posts per one wood post. The fence modification work is planned in phases, where the contractor would remove and reconstruct 4 miles of fence annually on the WHMA during a 6-year period to accomplish the entire 24-mile improvement project....
Synopsis: Working in collaboration with state, federal, and private partners, GRVLT seeks funding for Phase II of its Wildlife-Friendly Fencing Initiative. The second phase of this five-year initiative offers cost-free livestock- and wildlife-friendly fence improvements to interested public and private landowners within a portion of a key mule deer migration route. This corridor, as identified in the Sublette Mule Deer Study (Phase II): Final Report 2007, runs from the Hoback Rim to Big Sandy in Sublette County, Wyoming and links important habitat for mule deer, pronghorn, and other species. Improving fencing is critical to the survival of big game, as they must be able to move freely between seasonal ranges....

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