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This project would increase diversity of forbs and invertebrates in riparian and transitional riparian/upland areas through mowing and seeding of native forb species. A tractor powered mower with a seeder would be used to create an enhanced vegetative mosaic within riparian or transitional riparian areas lacking in vegetative species and structural diversity. A contractor would provide a tractor or seeder for distribution of native seed. This project would focus on improving habitat for a diversity of species, particularly sage grouse and other BLM sensitive avian species such as the Brewer's sparrow and sage thrasher, which rely on riparian habitats for critical brood rearing requirements in the Sand Hills ACEC...
Approximately 298 acres of seasonal shallow water wetland habitat will be established or enhanced for water birds and waterfowl by constructing and repairing low level dikes and installing 6 water control structures. In addition, permanent water wetlands will be constructed enhance the wetland complex.
The Muddy Creek watershed has been identified as having a high conservation value for Wyoming's fish species, big game crucial winter range and parturition areas, myriad neotropical migrant birds, abundant sage-grouse, and occupied habitat for the only population of Columbian sharp-tail grouse in Wyoming. Objectives of this project are to 1) Construct or maintain 4 vegetation exclosure projects, 2) Plant riparian vegetation, 3) improvement projects, monitoring of the area would be conducted to document the success of management efforts and identify areas where improvement is needed. Implementation of this project will benefit a diversity of fish and wildlife resources within an important ecosystem including...
This project will improve the irrigation meadows on the Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Engineering and Design will be provided to improve the condition of unused irrigation systems and pump and to install additional head gates and dikes. Planting and weed control will be done to restore 1,300 acres of irrigated meadow. This project will improve irrigation efficiency and flooding of approximately 1,300 acres of hay meadows that are currently unproductive. These improvements will increase nesting habitat for the American Bittern, White-face ibises and a variety of other wetland and waterfowl species. Additionally, once permanent vegetation is established the potential to use this area as a grass bank...
This project involves the establishment of a 5.5 acre wetland for waterfowl and water bird habitat, including specific habitat developments for swans. Establishing secure, shallow water summer habitat is the most important management priority for swans in the upper Green River area.

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