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Restore and enhance wetland habitat for spring through fall habitat for trumpeter swans and other wetland dependent avian species.
Creates wetland habitats on public and private lands near the Green River. This project provides much needed habitat through the creation of 20 acres of wetland area, including a pond. Synopsis: This project will enhance swan habitat by creating 5-6 acres of additional shallow water foraging/nesting habitat adjacent to the New Fork River, and create nesting islands on the existing ranch reservoir. Introduction: Trumpeter Swans require shallow-water wetlands that produce extensive, luxuriant, and diverse stands of submerged aquatic vegetation. These kinds of wetlands, with some recognized physical and biological characteristics, fulfill functions important for swans of all age classes. The following information...
Wheat Creek Meadows Wildlife Habitat Area (WCM) is a 1600 acre wildlife habitat area acquired by the BLM through a land exchange in 1988. It lies 15 miles north of Kemmerer, Wyoming on the south end of the Wyoming Range. The property has two perennial streams, Wheat and West Willow Creeks. The main goal for WCM was to provide protection of wildlife habitat and wetlands with special emphasis on maximizing the potential for wildlife species production and diversity. The area provides habitat for many Special Status Species including the sage grouse, white-faced ibis, sage sparrow, sage thrasher, loggerhead shrike, Brewer’s sparrow, pygmy rabbit; and possibly even the Idaho pocket gopher, yellow-billed cuckoo, northern...

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