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The project will conduct several different forms of forest and rangeland health treatments to improve and restore good health conditions in aspen woodlands and rangelands on roughly between 700,000 to 750,000 acres located in the southwestern portion of Rawlins, WY. The goal is to implement a combination of treatments (mechanical removal of confier encroachment in aspen stands, prescribed burning, hazardous fuels reduction and mechanical brush beating) within identified areas of forest and rangelands within the project area to improve aspen stand, rangeland vegetation, and riparian ecosystem health; improve livestock grazing and wildlife habitat conditions; and reduce hazardous fire fuel build-up within juniper...
The Sand Creek Saltcedar control project is designed to treat approximately thirty (30) miles of stream bottom in the Colorado River Watershed for saltcedar invasion. Treatment will consist of aerial and ground application of herbicide to remove saltcedar from the area. This is potentially threatened Western yellow-billed cuckoo habitat which is being severely degraded with invasive saltcedar. It is also home to wild horses, deer, elk, antelope, and many other wildlife species, as well as one of the headwaters of many sensitive fish species downstream. This project will directly reduce water wastage, erosion and sedimentation, and salt loading into the Little Snake River, a tributary to the Colorado River. This...

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