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There is a critical need to increase the level of control to minimize the economic and ecological impacts that invasive species cause. BLM has a commitment to Sweetwater County and private adjacent land owners for controlling weeds. Control of noxious weeds is a priority within the local county and the Bureau. Native wildlife species, including elk, mule deer, greater sage-grouse, mountain plovers, raptors, Colorado River cutthroat trout and many juniper obligates, are dependent on native vegetation for successful breeding, nesting, and food. Protection of their habitats is of primary importance. One community at risk is riparian habitat where invasive weeds are displacing native species. Weeds affect streams by...
This project provides for the reconstruction of an existing exclosure to improve riparian habitat along Pacific Creek north and east of Rock Springs. This project involves a 130 acre exclosure being rebuilt and improved. A portion of the existing exclosure will be modified to place fencing in a drier more stable area, reducing the need for maintenance. Riparian and wetland habitats, and water quality will be improved and the project will enhance use of the area by wildlife including white faced ibis and migratory waterfowl. Grazing management will also be improved and the project will help achieve Standards for Healthy Rangelands.

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