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Across the Tennessee River Basin is a collaboration within the Appalachian LCC bringing together multiple agencies and stakeholders in a joint effort to plan and deliver landscape conservation actions to protect one of the most diverse areas for aquatic species in North America.The mainstem Tennessee River winds its way for roughly 650 miles through Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, back into Tennessee, and finally into Kentucky, where it empties into the Ohio River. Streams from these states, but also North Carolina and Georgia, feed the river along its course. Indeed, the entire basin encompasses over 40,000 square miles. Five major physiographic provinces are represented within the basin: the Blue Ridge, the Valley...
The Streams and Rivers Condition Index is a broad ecological system index that classifies the landscape’s streams and river catchments into condition categories. The classification of the landscape in this manner is used to measure the relative departure of current wildlife habitat conditions from desired conditions as defined by parcel-level wildlife managers and landscape planners. The purpose of the index is to help practitioners determine appropriate next actions in each catchment, especially when used in conjunction with relevant species information. There are four condition categories, or classes, which range from the most ideal habitat conditions to the least ideal habitat conditions.
This feature class includes monitoring data collected nationally to understand the status, condition, and trend of resources on BLM lands. Data are collected in accordance with the BLM Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) Strategy. The AIM Strategy specifies a probabilistic sampling design, standard core indicators and methods, electronic data capture and management, and integration with remote sensing. Attributes include the BLM aquatic core indicators: pH, conductivity, temperature, pool depth, length, frequency, streambed particles sizes, bank stability and cover, floodplain connectivity, large woody debris, macroinvertebrate biological integrity, ocular estimates of vegetative type, cover, and structure...

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