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Communication antenna towers recorded by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's International Bureau Filing System (IBFS) - 47 CFR Parts 73/74, 23 and 25 (Earth Stations). Note that not all antennas and towers are required to be registered with the FCC. Therefore, this data set does not necessarily depict ALL communication features actually present on the landscape. The source data are updated daily by the FCC as new permits are issued. However, this data set is designed for a specific analysis, and is planned to remain static as of the publication date (11/06/2003).

map background search result map search result map DL1088 B4S2 Ablabesmyia antennal apex DL1096 B3S97 Cryptochironomus antenna DL1020 B3S93 Microtendipes Antenna DL1081 B3S66 Xestochironomus antenna DL1013 B1S80 Cardiocladius antenna DL1016 B1S86 Cricotopus antenna DL1016 B3S34 Cricotopus Orthocladius antenna DL1105 B3S22 Limnophyes sp antenna DL1130 B8S17 Parorthocladius Antenna