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Studies conducted since the late 1970s have estimated the net energy value (NEV) of corn ethanol. However, variations in data and assumptions used among the studies have resulted in a wide range of estimates. This study identifies the factors causing this wide variation and develops a more consistent estimate. We conclude that the NEV of corn ethanol has been rising over time due to technological advances in ethanol conversion and increased efficiency in farm production. We show that corn ethanol is energy efficient as indicated by an energy output:input ratio of 1.34.
This is a 2010 Census block level data table for all blocks in California. It includes data fields P012 and P012A to P012I from summary file one. You will need the parent file 2010 Census Data Field-Descriptors table to decipher the true field names for this table. It can also be joined to the parent file 2010 California Census Blocks Shapefile for use in spatial analyses. Under the Related Items heading on the bottom right of your screen, you can find links to both of these parent files.

map background search result map search result map 2010 California Census Blocks Males by Age in five year groups table 2010 California Census Blocks Males by Age in five year groups table