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Conservation properties in the East Kootenay, West Kootenay and North Columbia. The data includes BC Government, Canadian Wildlife Service, FWCP, NCC, The Land Conservancy, Nature Trust, Fee Simple and TAC properties. This dataset excludes covenants & other agreements. (Non-OGL version)
The main goal of this project is to ensure that the 2011-13 climate change update to the Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals Report (Baylands Goals) and other key, ongoing conservation activities in the San Francisco Bay region use the latest information about the current and future status of San Francisco Bay tidal marsh ecosystems, particularly in the context of sea-level rise. The main product of the project is the improved Sea Level Rise (SLR) Tool, specifically upgraded to inform the Baylands Goals Report update. The tool will continue to be available online at All data layers going into the tool are and will continue to be downloadable from the site.
The goal of this project is to create critically needed coastal fog datasets. Anticipated products from the collaboration between on-the-ground natural resource managers and a multidisciplinary coalition of physical scientists are: 1) a compilation of existing fog related data from multiple sources: satellite (AVHRR, GOES, Modis, Landsat), NOAA buoy , and airport and meteorological stations, 2) USGS Open File report documenting the results of a multiday working session with climatologists, remote sensing specialists, fog modelers, statisticians, and natural resource managers, convened to review the data, examine and assess the correlations between data streams and models, specify initial parameters to be extracted...
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This layer is based on the Approved Acquisition Boundary maintained by the USFWS Division of Realty and modified by Pek Pum of the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Complex. Â The Approved Acquisition Boundary was broken into two units: Â the Otay-Sweetwater Unit and the Vernal Pools Stewardship Project.AbstractThis data describes the Approved Acquisition Boundary of National Wildlife Refuges in Region 8 where the environmental planning process, an Executive Order, or other governmental act has concluded that the land within the boundary would benefit the conservation of wildlife. An approved refuge boundary only designates those lands which the Fish and Wildlife Service has authority to acquire and/or manage through...
Units dividing the Columbia Basin in to BC Hydro reservoir-based watersheds
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Why Rangelands: The Central Valley of California, the surrounding foothills and the interior Coast Range include over 18 million acres of grassland. Most of this land is privately owned and managed for livestock production. Because grasslands are found in some of California’s fastest-growing counties, they are severely threatened by land conversion and development. In addition climate change stresses grasslands by potentially changing water availability and species distributions.Maintaining a ranching landscape can greatly support biodiversity conservation in the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) region. In addition ranches generate multiple ecosystem services—defined as human benefits provided...
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    map background search result map search result map FWCP Columbia Basin Dam Units Conservation Properties - EKCP (FWCP) for public San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Approved Acquisition Boundary 20130918 San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Approved Acquisition Boundary 20130918 Conservation Properties - EKCP (FWCP) for public FWCP Columbia Basin Dam Units