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map background search result map search result map Prince George Plan and Section O'Brien Proposed Development Cross Section Plat of the Underground Workings of the Wilson and Picacho Lodes, Cababi Mining Co. Aerial photograph of southern Cerbat Mountains showing Mineral Park Red Cloud Mine Assay Map Superior & Pittsburgh Co. Hoatson Shaft Level 1500 Floor No. 10 Junction Mine Superior & Pittsburgh Co. Copper Co. Section 6 Level 1200 Bagdad District Location Map Map of Claims from Monitor Group down to Ray Mine, T3S and T2S, R14E White Elephant Property Map Hope Metals Co. Map of Power Transmission Line and Gila Water Supply Pipe Line Vertical Longitudinal Section A-A' Sheet B-2 for Cerbat Mt. Zinc Project Number 1506 Johnny Bull and Silver Knight Claims Superior & Pittsburgh Co. Hoatson Shaft Level 1400 Floor No. 7 Section Q-R Johnson Camp Superior & Pittsburgh Co. Junction Geologic Map Level 1500 Floor 8 Vanadium Stopes Reward-Zinc Section Map Hole 8, 9 Sue Mine Radiometric Survey of Surface Cut Summit Mine Plan and Assay Map Iron King Mine Stope Map