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The geodatabase for the Charlotte 1 degree × 2 degrees quadrangle by Goldsmith and others (1988) was compiled in the Geologic Map Schema (GeMS). The geologic map extends across four lithotectonic belts of the Piedmont from the Coastal Plain and Wadesboro Triassic basin on the east to the Blue Ridge belt in the vicinity of the Grandfather Mountain window on the west. The Wadesboro Triassic basin contains arkosic sandstone, siltstone and conglomerate unconformably overlain by small inliers of late Cretaceous Coastal Plain sediment of the Middendorf Formation (?). The Blue Ridge, Inner Piedmont, Kings Mountain, Charlotte, and Carolina Slate belts consist of different Mesoproterozoic to Late Paleozoic metamorphosed...
Tags: Albemarle Group, Alexander County, Alligator Back Formation, Ashe Formation, Battlefield Formation, All tags...