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In the 2008 Red List assessment, a total of 75 extant and five extinct 'subpopulations' were identified across the natural range of O. nerka. In the 2011 amendment, several of these subpopulations were further subdivided based on additional input from salmon specialists (Pacific Salmon Commission, PSC, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, DFO), resulting in a total of 98 subpopulations, of which 93 are extant. The subpopulations in this assessment are considered independent and reproductively isolated from each other. The assessors used a combination of ecoregional (i.e., marine and freshwater habitat-based) classification and the degree of genetic divergence between known spawning 'locations', using an F ST value...
Wild Salmon Center is working closely with each of the Pacific salmon bearing states to identify wild salmon strongholds for recognition by the North American Salmon Stronghold Partnership. Strongholds are identified by ecoregion to ensure that areas of critical genetic and life history diversity are recognized, in addition to those with the greatest abundance. The stronghold identification methodology uses criteria that is applied consistently across the ecoregions, including the percentage of natural origin spawners, life history diversity, and viability (as indicated by productivity and/or abundance). Each state, which initiates and convenes the process, may choose to augment these criteria with additional decision...
At the request of the North American Salmon Stronghold Partnership, the Wild Salmon Center has been working with scientists across the Northwest to identify a network of watersheds important to the long term survival of salmon and steelhead. The network has been selected based on biological criteria; from this network, the Stronghold Partnership will identify sites where opportunities exist to forge creative and cross-jurisdictional approaches to salmon conservation. In order for the North American Salmon Stronghold Partnership to choose salmon strongholds, the Wild Salmon Center held workshops to rate species specific populations across the Pacific Northwest. We organized two expert workshops in Portland, Oregon...

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