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This shapefile represents the watersheds present within the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem (CCE) boundary.(Note: a different CCE boundary layer was used at the time of creation, so the area amounts within the CCE may not be accurate)This dataset was developed by the Crown Managers Partnership, as part of a transboundary collaborative management initiative for the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, based on commonly identified management priorities that are relevant at the landscape scale. The CMP is collaborative group of land managers, scientists, and stakeholder in the CCE. For more information on the CMP and its collaborators, programs, and projects please visit:
A joint venture involving the National Atlas programs in Canada (NaturalResources Canada), Mexico (Instituto Nacional de Estadística Geografía eInformática), and the United States (U.S. Geological Survey), as well asthe North American Commission for Environmental Co-operation, has led tothe release (June 2004) of several new products: an updated paper map ofNorth America, and its associated geospatial data sets and their metadata.These data sets are available online from each of the partner countriesboth for visualization and download.The North American Atlas data are standardized geospatial data sets at1:10,000,000 scale. A variety of basic data layers (e.g. roads,railroads, populated places, political boundaries,...

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