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Conclusions:This report sets out guidelines intended to provide BCEAG member jurisdictions with a coordinated approach to recommendations regarding the management of human use activities within wildlife corridors and habitat patches in the Bow Valley of Alberta. The guidelines provide an advisory framework for decision making related to wildlife management as well as recommendations for mitigating the negative effects of human activity on wildlife in the region.Thresholds/Learnings:Male and female cougars avoided areas of high human use and where human use levels exceeded 250-500 users per month.
Conclusions:The occurence of bull trout in mid-boreal stream is negatively related to two metrics of industrial activity: percent forest harvesting and road density. Bull trout abundance was positively related to elevation, and negatively related to stream width, slope, and levels of forest harvesting.Thresholds/Learnings:Timber harvest on up to 35% or more of individual subbasins is projected to result in the extripation of bull trout from up to 43% of stream reaches, especially those that support high densities of bull trout.