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Species range maps for Wyoming developed by the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database.
This raster represents a binary prediction of distribution (present/absent) for the species based on inductive modeling of environmental suitability. WYNDD defines the distribution of a species as the fine-scale environments within its range that are suitable for occupation. A common modeling algorithm, Maxent (Phillips et al., 2004), was used to generate predictive distribution models for Wyoming's Species of Greatest Conservation Need. The resulting models were clipped to the species' respective ranges (Keinath et al., 2010). References: Keinath, D.A., M.D. Andersen and G.P. Beauvais. (2010). Range maps for Wyoming's Species of Greatest Conservation Need. Report prepared for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department...
Source Feature Occurrence Records: Distributed in data requests as individual observations of a single species or vegetation community at a specific location on a specific date, represented by polygons depicting the locational uncertainty distance in meters. Contact WYNDD for further information.

    map background search result map search result map Species Observation Data for Wyoming (WYNDD) Species Observation Data for Wyoming (WYNDD)