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Although giant calderas (“supervolcanoes”) may slumber for tens of thousands of years between eruptions, their abundant earthquakes and crustal deformation reveal the potential for future upheaval. Any eventual supereruption could devastate global human populations, so these systems must be carefully scrutinized. Insight into dormant but restless calderas can be gained by monitoring their output of heat and gas. At Yellowstone, the large thermal and CO2 fluxes require massive input of basaltic magma, which continues to invade the lower to mid-crust, sustains the overlying high-silica magma reservoir, and may result in volcanic hazard for millennia to come. The high flux of CO2 may contribute to the measured deformation...
Twenty-five ore and gangue mineral separates from the Miocene-age Goldfield and Tonopah epithermal Au-Ag deposits in southwestern Nevada were analyzed to determine the helium, neon, and argon (He, Ne, and Ar) isotopic compositions contained in fluid inclusions. Four mineral separates from the Butte Main Stage vein deposit and two from the Bingham pyrite-enargite vein deposits were also analyzed. Fifteen separates are from hand samples collected from underground mine workings and the remaining 16 are from mine tailings piles and pits excavated within the past 100 years. The separates consist dominantly of pyrite, enargite, and quartz, with lesser amounts of sphalerite, galena, potassium feldspar, bismuthinite, marcasite,...
Categories: Data; Tags: 3He/4He, Ar, Bingham Copper Mine, Bingham pyrite-enargite vein deposit, Butte Main Stage vein deposit, All tags...

    map background search result map search result map Fluid Inclusion Noble Gas Data from Goldfield and Tonopah Epithermal Au-Ag Deposits Fluid Inclusion Noble Gas Data from Goldfield and Tonopah Epithermal Au-Ag Deposits