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Low-altitude (70 m above ground level) aerial images were collected over 5 areas of interest within the northern portion of Assateague Island National Seashore (ASIS) in mid-October, 2022. These images were collected to generate photogrammetric products (e.g. digital surface model (DSM), reflectance orthomosaic) for five areas of interest along the northern portion of the island to support science and data needs of National Park managers attempting to locate invasive Phragmites australis expansion. A DJI Matrice 600 uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) was equipped with a MicaSense Altum-PT multispectral camera and a Ricoh GRII true-color RGB camera to collect images simultaneously with sufficient overlap for photogrammetric...
Previous studies of vegetation establishment in dam removal sites have shown that natural vegetation community establishment is highly variable and frequently includes species often considered undesirable in restorations. In this article, we examined two case studies where dam removal sites were planted with native species following dam removal in an effort to promote native species establishment and exclude invasive species. Some planted species established soon after the dam removals, but surveys four years later showed a decline in planted species and an increase in non-native species. In both cases, reed canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea) became well established in the interval between surveys. A seedbank analysis...