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1. The aquatic snail Valvata utahensis (Gastropoda: Valvatidae) is a federally endangered aquatic mollusk known only from the Snake River in southern Idaho, U.S.A. The Snake River, like many other large river systems in the western United States, has undergone substantial anthropogenic modifications in recent history that have altered water flows, changed physicochemical attributes of the water and produced an overall spatially fragmented aquatic system. 2. Because little is currently known about the basic biology and life history of V. utahensis, we conducted a detailed genetic analysis of amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) and mitochondrial DNA sequence variation in this species from six locations along...
Field collections at more than 2900 sites and the examination of many museum collections and literature allowed me to map the historical and current distribution of several freshwater molluscan faunal groups in the Intermountain region of the United States (Great Basin, Colorado River drainage basin, and upper Snake River sub-basin). Historical and current records show that Margaritifera falcata, Anodonta californiensis, and Ferrissia rivularis have drainage-specific distributions, while Valvata utahensis has a specific drainage pattern, and V. californica (new combination) has a dispersed pattern. Shell morphometric data of Valvata and Ferrissia show extensive shell variation between and within populations. Current...