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Information from USGS Public Information Office, PIO No. 78-77 release statement, dated July 19, 1978: First Geological Map of Mars. Dr. David H., Scott, geologist at the U.S. Geologicla Survey's Center of Astrogeology, Flagstaff, Arizona, points to the first geologic map of the entire surface of the planet Mars. The full color map show the distribution of the various kinds of rock materials, landforms, and structures - mountains, craters, plains, channels, canyons, faults, and fractures - that characterize the planet, and covers a total area of about 55,700,000 square miles or more than 18 times the area of the conterminous (48) United States at a scale of 1:25,000,000 (1 inch to about 400 miles). The map was...