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Wetland ecosystems are ecologically important components of park landscapes. Montane wetlands may be particularly vulnerable to changing climates. Responsible and effective park protection of these areas relies on accurate inventories of sites, a detailed understanding of ecosystem functions and hydrologic cycles, and projections of changes based on future climates. Currently, parks have incomplete baseline inventories of montane wetlands and only qualitative information on hydroperiods of wetlands. The goals of this collaborative project are to collect hydrologic data to support the development of models, to collect GPS data to improve delineations of wetland maps, and to use these data to improve model projecting...
Natural resource managers face an unprecedented challenge ? how to plan and manage for local and regional effects of climate change. In the Pacific Northwest, temperatures and precipitation changes are affecting snowpack levels, hydrology, and disturbance regimes such as fire. These changes will affect species? distributions and phenologies, creating cascading effects on ecological systems that will greatly alter many of the resources of our national parks. To address these impacts, managers need detailed information on which species and systems are most susceptible to climate change and how projected changes in climate are likely to affect them. This project will answer critical research questions of which species...