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This presentation provides an overview of the year-round migrations of the Cui-ui and Lahontan cutthroat trout within Pyramid Lake. This was developed for the "Climate Change Vulnerability of Native Americans in the Southwest" research project, funded by the USGS Southwest Climate Science Center.
The Water Harvesting Assessment Toolbox is a prototype decision aid designed to help communities in the Southwest US understand the role water harvesting can play in meeting water resource challenges while providing multiple additional benefits. It also introduces water harvesting techniques and suggests ways to implement locally appropriate water harvesting efforts. The Toolbox is intended for a wide range of users. In order to make most effective use of the Toolbox, a local facilitator should convene a varied group of community personnel (water supply management, stormwater management, transportation, planning, engineering, etc.) to go through the water harvesting assessment process together. A separate Facilitator’s...
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Guide to Assessing Rainwater and Stormwater Harvesting Potential to Meet Multiple Challenges and Provide Multiple Benefits. The Water Resources Research Center established the Desert Water Harvesting Initiative to enhance outreach and communication between utilities, practitioners of water harvesting, academics, and interested citizens. The Initiative includes a two-year WaterSMART research grant to develop a decision guide to rainwater and stormwater harvesting; an online data clearinghouse for research and publications on water harvesting, low-impact development, and green infrastructure; and the Rainwater-Stormwater Professionals Networks (RSPN) that meets semi-annually at the WRRC to keep members abreast of...
Categories: Data; Tags: Applications and Tools, Applications and Tools, Arizona, Conservation Planning, DLCC, All tags...
Restoration activity has exponentially increased across the Southwest since 1990. Over 37,000 records were compiled into the National River Restoration Science Synthesis (NRRSS) database to summarize restoration trends and assess project effectiveness. We analyzed data from 576 restoration projects in the Southwest (NRRSS-SW). More than 50% of projects were less than or equal to 3 km in length. The most common restoration project intent categories were riparian management, water quality management, in-stream habitat improvement, and flow modification. Common project activities were well matched to goals. Conservative estimates of total restoration costs exceeded $500 million. Most restoration dollars have been allocated...