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This dataset was created by overlaying connectivity model outputs for grizzly bear, black bear, lynx, wolverine, forest specialist species, and forest biome dwellers where they intersect the region’s major roads. It was used in conjunction with future traffic volume projections to identify priority sites for mitigating road impacts on wildlife. This project investigated the potential impacts of future housing development on traffic to determine where increased traffic from housing development will impact habitat connectivity for large carnivores. The focus of this study was Flathead and Lincoln counties in northwestern Montana. The main goal was to maintain wildlife habitat connectivity across transportation corridors...
This report is synthesizes and summarizes major findings from literature relating to the direct and indirect ecological impacts of paved highways on birds. It represents a meta-analysis of contributing factors of road mortality, effects of roadway lighting, traffic noise, traffic volume, and roadway contaminants on bird populations, which may help guide conservation efforts within the Yellowstone to Yukon ecoregion. Traffic volume and noise are believed to be the most important factors affecting breeding bird population densities near roads. The number of affected species increases with traffic volume but the relationship appears to reach threshold at an average daily traffic volume of 30,000 vehicles a day. In...
This dataset represents untransformed average annual daily traffic (AADT), or vehicles per day, throughout the Northeastern United States circa 2010. Detailed documentation for the methods to derive the dataset are available from the Ancillary Data document: This dataset was developed as part of the Designing Sustainable Landscapes project led by Professor Kevin McGarigal of the University of Massachusetts and sponsored by the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative; for more information about the entire project see: Important steps in developing the dataset include: 1) Obtained raw road traffic...

map background search result map search result map Effects of paved roads on birds: a literature review and recommendations for the Yellowstone to Yukon Ecoregion Road Traffic, Northeast Northwest Montana Multispecies Connectivity Value Across Roads Northwest Montana Multispecies Connectivity Value Across Roads Road Traffic, Northeast Effects of paved roads on birds: a literature review and recommendations for the Yellowstone to Yukon Ecoregion