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Cheatgrass brome, also known as "downy chess", "downy brome", "broncograss", "Mormon oats" and "Junegrass", is an annual grass that has become widely established on western ranges since its introduction from Europe. It presents complex problems which for years have complicated the management of the ranges it inhabits. In 1959 a cooperative research program on the management of cheatgrass ranges was started in southern Idaho by the Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station and the Bureau of Land Management. The beginning of these studies was necessarily preceded by a careful review and analysis of the literature on cheatgrass. This paper reviews that literature about this important western range plant. The...
Abstract This review on chlorophyll a fluorescence starts with an overview of the primary photochemistry occurring at PSII and a characterization of the so-called ?open? and ?closed? states of its reaction centers. This provides the theoretical background for understanding the origin of PSII-emitted fluorescence and how its yield varies with the fraction of open reaction centers. The review proceeds to discuss the changes in fluorescence emission following illumination of a dark-adapted leaf and to define the PSII intrinsic quantum yield of photochemistry, which in turn provides an indication of PSII capacity. In light-adapted leaves, it is discussed how the use of modulated fluorometers and the double lighting...