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QuestionWhere can land managers and publics find the most current information about climate change?ObjectivesProvide information and tools for managersImpactsProvides better informed decisions and researchAbstractThe Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) provides land managers with an online portal to credible, science-based, and relevant information and tools concerning climate change and ecosystem management options. The CCRC draws together the best scientific knowledge and expertise to present a coherent picture of how different climate change scenarios affect land management planning and practices. The website highlights existing resources that are scientifically credible, peer-reviewed, and relevant to managers,...
QuestionHow to help extension forestry and PNW deliver Global Climate Change information in the future?ObjectivesDetermine the perceptions, understanding, and educational needs of private forest landowners in the Pacific and Inland Northwest regarding the impacts of global climate change (GCC) on western forests, and enhance their understanding and awareness of the potential impacts of GCC on ecosystem functions on their own forests such as stream flows, fire regimes, wildlife habitat, and vegetation changesImpactsFamily forest owners will be better prepared for of global climate change.AbstractFamily forest landowners control over 40% of the nation’s forestland. In the PNW privately owned family forest lands are...