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Estimates of county tile drainage in the Mississippi River Basin. Data Sources: 2012 USDA NASS Census of Agriculture; World Resources Institute. 2008. Assessing Farm Drainage; USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center. 2014. Assessment of agricultural subsoil pattern tile drainage on wetland hydrology and ecosystem services in the Prairie Pothole Region. Field Description tiled_acre Acres drained by tile (NASS Census of Agriculture, 2012) or drainage permit acres in Dakotas (NPWRC, 2014), whichever is higher. pct_tile Percent of county drained by tile (tiled_acre/cty_acr*100) prmtac2 Acres under drainage permit in North or South Dakota (NPWRC, 2014). Best_Guess Acres drained by tile (WRI - Assessing...

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