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Lampricide concentrations in larval sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) carcasses collected following two TFM and two TFM/Bayluscide treatments were determined to support risk assessments for non-target organisms that may consume lampricide-laden carcasses. Carcasses were removed from the treated streams either immediately after completion of the treatment or 2-days post mortem. The estimated average TFM concentration in the fresh carcasses (n = 80) collected from the rivers was 4.58 µg·g-1 (SEM =1.06 µg·g-1). The average concentration of niclosamide (the active ingredient in Bayluscide) in the fresh carcasses from the two rivers treated with TFM and Bayluscide was 0.492 µg·g-1 (SEM = 0.210 µg·g-1). The mean 2-day...