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Diel soil water potential fluctuations reflected daytime depletion and nocturnal resupply of water in upper soil layers. Transpiration suppression experiments demonstrated that water absorption by roots caused the daytime depletion. The soil water potential data and experimental results suggest that at night water absorbed from moist soil by deeper roots is transported to and lost from roots into drier upper soil layers. The deeper roots appear to absorb and transport water both day and night. Implications for the efficiency of deep roots and water storage, nutrient uptake and water parasitism in upper soil layers are discussed. Published in Oecologia, volume 73, issue 4, on pages 486 - 489, in 1987.
Phosphate uptake was measured for Artemisia tridentata, Agropyron desertorum and Pseudoroegneria spicata, three common perennial North American Great Basin species. Four patterns of nutrient-rich microsites were used in the experiments (different distances, densities and nutrient concentrations) All species were more efficient at taking up P from microsites nearest the plants than from more distant microsites. Artemisia and Agropyron acquired P more rapidly from the distant microsites when there was a larger number of microsites and, therefore, a greater probability of encounter. Uptake from the nearest microsites did not increase after 26 days, while uptake from distant microsites increased and was equal to uptake...
The significance of soil water redistribution facilitated by roots (an extension of "hydraulic lift", here termed hydraulic redistribution) was assessed for a stand of Artemisia tridentata using measurements and a simulation model. The model incorporated water movement within the soil via unsaturated flow and hydraulic redistribution and soil water loss from transpiration. The model used Buckingham-Darcy's law for unsaturated flow while hydraulic redistribution was developed as a function of the distribution of active roots, root conductance for water, and relative soil-root (rhizosphere) conductance for water. Simulations were conducted to compare model predictions with time courses of soil water potential at several...

    map background search result map search result map Hydraulic redistribution in a stand of Artemisia tridentata: evaluation of benefits to transpiration assessed with a simulation model Effectiveness of phosphate acquisition by juvenile cold-desert perennials from different patterns of fertile-soil microsites