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Description of Work At two of Wisconsin's Areas of Concern (AOCs) on Lake Michigan, the Sheboygan River AOC and Milwaukee Estuary AOC, the USGS will assess whether sediment toxicity from PCBs, PAHs, selected metals, ammonia, or dissolved oxygen is present at acutely toxic or chronically toxic concentrations using sediment toxicity tests conducted with amphipods and midges. Study planning and literature search have been completed. Sediment was collected in October 2016 from sites in the two AOCs and sites in two non-AOC comparison sites. Assesments will be done at two additional sites: Kewaunee River and Oak Creek. Laboratory toxicity tests and chemical analyses are in progress, including sediment toxicity testing...
Description of WorkThe success of GLRI beach restoration projects must be assessed to determine whether goals of recipients are on track and identify any developing unforeseen consequences of restoration efforts. Implementation of multiple BMPs during restoration can make understanding the impacts of individual BMPs difficult. However, proper site selection and well-designed monitoring and assessment plan can overcome such difficulties. The urban beaches chosen for evaluation are at various stages of the restoration process and located in Indiana (Jeorse Park Beach), Illinois (63rd Street Beach), and Wisconsin (North Beach). Data used for evaluation include continuous monitoring and synoptic mapping of nearshore...