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Core Research Center, core R521, from well operated by MONSANTORaw Properties from download, web scrape, MapServer, and Macrostrat API{"Lib Num": "R521", "API Num": null, "Operator": "MONSANTO", "Well Name": "EVF-23-2", "Field": null, "State": "ID", "County": "CARIBOU", "Type": "RUBBLE", "Photos": "F", "Thin Sec": "F", "Analysis": "T", "Latitude": "42.88333", "Longitude": "-111.4016667", "coordinates_geohash": "9x8gbyxv900e", "Source": "PROVIDED BY DONOR", "Security Flag": null, "crc_collection_name": "core", "sb_parent_id": "4f4e49dae4b07f02db5e0486", "intervals": [{"Formation": "PHOSPHORIA", "Age": "PERMIAN", "Min Depth": "180", "Max Depth": "500"}], "crcwc_url": "",...

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