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Description of Work The sensitivity of listed species of fish or amphibians was evaluated in acute and chronic toxicity tests conducted with a range of inorganic or organic chemicals with different toxic modes of action. Results of these studies indicate that the acute or chronic sensitivity of rainbow trout, but not fathead minnow, frequently provided protective acute or chronic toxicity thresholds for most of the listed species evaluated. However, only a limited number of species of sculpins or darters were included in this evaluation, and not all species tested occurred in the Great Lakes watershed. The objective of the proposed study will be to: (1) provide additional chronic toxicity data for sculpins or darters...
Juvenile sculpin (Cottus extensus) less than 30 mm long exhibit a diel vertical migration in the limnetic zone of Bear Lake (Utah-Idaho). Using mid-water and bottom trawls we found that these fish inhabit the bottom of the lake (5� C) during the day but migrate 30?40 m into the water column at night where they reside in the metalimnion or epilimnion at temperatures near 13?16�C. Larger fish do not migrate into the water column. Stomach analyses demonstrated that the young-of-the-year fish do not migrate into the water column to feed: from July to October their diet is 70?93% benthic ostracods and copepods, and pelagic prey are rarely consumed. Furthermore, gut fullness of the sculpin increases through the daylight...
The USGS examined mercury (Hg) concentrations in fish populations inhabiting impacted and reference streams as part of an investigation into the transport of trace metals in a watershed impacted by legacy mercury mining downstream from the Cinnabar mine site, Valley County, ID. Fish were sampled through an electrofishing survey utilizing a two-pass quantitative depletion approach where possible. Five reaches were selected in the Sugar Creek/Cinnabar Creek watershed, including two background reaches (ID020; ID021) with negligible mining impacts, Cinnabar Creek above the confluence with Sugar Creek (ID019), and two sites on Sugar Creek below the confluence with Cinnabar Creek (ID018 and ID010). Juvenile Bull trout...

    map background search result map search result map Toxicity Testing of Sculpins and Darters Hg Concentrations of Fish Tissue Samples in the Vicinity of Yellow Pine, Idaho Hg Concentrations of Fish Tissue Samples in the Vicinity of Yellow Pine, Idaho Toxicity Testing of Sculpins and Darters