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The salmon abundance data are based on observed (1998 - 2005) and modeled data at the watershed level (Pinsky et al., 2009). Watershed based data were normalized and then converted into gridded data. Data were transformed to a standardized scale based on their maximum values. Hence, all values range between 0 and 1.
Here we describe one conservation tool that will help to identify particularly significant river basins of the North Pacific for the conservation of salmon: the first Pacific-Rim wide assessment of salmon populations at a consistent scale. In conjunction with a scientific advisory panel and a peer review workshop we developed four criteria for the Pacific Salmon Conservation Assessment (PSCA) to provide an indication of aquatic ecosystem and salmon population resilience at the basin scale. These criteria are salmon abundance, diversity, hatchery influence, and landscape suitability. Highly abundant salmon populations have more “cushion” with which to absorb anthropogenic or natural disturbance (Quigley and...

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