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The Sqigwts 3-D Landscape is an interactive three-dimensional experience developed to provide an opportunity to effectively learn about the important cultural significance of sqigwts, the water potato (Sagittaria latifolia), to the Schitsu’umsh or Coeur d’Alene Indian Tribe (of the Pacific Northwest USA). The goal is to provide information on the potential vulnerability of this species to climate change and of the Schitsu’umsh living relationship with it. Schitsu’umsh knowledge and practice is called hnkhwelkhwlnet, meaning “our ways of life in the world,” and is conveyed through acts of re-telling oral traditions and stories. For the Schitsu’umsh, storytelling is a living act and can only truly occur in-person...
To assess the flooding tolerance of Sagittaria latifolia and S. rigida, we assessed three levels of timing of inundation (early- [11 June], mid- [12 July], late-season [12 August]), three levels of duration (short [1 day], mid [5 days], long [10 days]), and four levels of depth (reference plant not treated, shallow [5 cm], moderate [20 cm], deep [45 cm]) on survival and productivity of Sagittaria plants. Plants were produced from seeds of S. latifolia and S. rigida, and from S. latifolia tubers. Sagittaria plants were reared in six 50 m2 outdoor concrete ponds at the USGS Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA, and subjected to various levels of inundation throughout the growing...

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